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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 10, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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>> there has always been a special place in the the common memory for people who deliberately and knowingly and certainly laid down their lives. >> a weekend of services to mark the 10th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks is under way in pennsylvania and new york and washington. >> maggie carlows downtown with tonight's top story. >> tonight state and city leaders gather with the community for an evening of
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remembrances and hope, this event like others around the country honors the victims of 911 and vowed to never forget as the country moves forward. and in new york a prayer service for the 340 firefighters who died on 911 and the crowds families as well as fellow firefighters. in washington d.c. the president and michelle obama visited the fallen soldiers families and in his weekly address president barack obama spoke about the strength of our country since the attack. >> a decade after not 11 it is clear for all of the world to see the terrorists who attacked us that september morning are no match for the character of our people in the resilience of our nation or the endurance of our values. >> rudy giuliani spoke about the 10th anniversary and the gop weekly address. >> a lesson is that america is truly exceptional we suffered through the worst attack in our
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history intended by our enemies to destroy us into instead it drew us closer and it made us more united. >> earlier in shanks will pennsylvania families of the victim's of flight 93 gathered where a memorial was dedicated. >> we can look up at the heavens and think of those heroes and no and no with certitude that there is not a single solitary tragedy that the americans cannot overcome. >> george w. bush also attended the memorial in spoke about the heroic passengers that brought down flight 93. >> for generations people will study the flight and story of flight 93, they will learn the individual choices that made a difference and that love and sacrifice can triumph over evil in tate and that what happened above this pennsylvania fields ranks among the most courageous acts in american history. >> despite a memorial being
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dedicated today and shanks fill it is not complete and former president clinton just spoke there today and he said he will work with house speaker john painter to raise the $10 million to complete the project in shanks will. >> of the nearly 3000 lives lost 343 of them were new york city firefighters, they were remembered at ground cerro today. >> it was a sunny skies in new jersey in nearly 3000 firefighters from florida and ohio and as far as washington state and everywhere in between including hundreds from chicago, a sea of bikes still the new jersey parking lot destination ground zero. it was an emotional subject considering many of them helped after the september 11th attacks 10 years ago. >> the memories come back without a doubt the smell of the burning metal the guys i
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work with, i can see their faces, it is a journey back. >> your hearts open up. so they drove elbow to elbow east on i 80 peppered along the route flags and lots of them and fellow firefighters saluting with pride as we entered manhattan rain began to fall but locals and even marines didn't care. they cheered on the thousands of bikers as they made their pilgrimage to lower manhattan. and when the road crew arrived the chicagoans had been waiting for a peek at the memorial to be dedicated on the 10th anniversary of 911. even this tough looking group and their leather in tattoos get emotional when they think of the loss of life that day this place a reminder to them of the
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brothers and the new york fire department who perished, coming back they say is part of the healing for everyone. reporting from new york, she will be with the chicago fire fighters again tomorrow as the mark the 10th anniversary with a special message of thanks. tomorrows anniversary is a reminder of how much the events of 10 years ago have become part of the background of our lives americans may be safer because of the increased security but depaul university professor believes that al-qaeda will attempt to attack again. >> that's not forget that our biggest attack prior to 911 was homegrown soap open free complex society you have to accept a
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certain level of risk. >> chicago firefighters and paramedics are raising money in honor of the firefighters killed the 911. these firefighters say those who perished are their brothers and their heroes. the twin towers were a hundred and 80 stories in this is 20 stories. you just have to think about what we are here for and it is pretty easy to do. the stair climber was sponsored by the national fallen firefighters association and coming up the 930 up 3 rebroadcast of chicago remembers. a bit of democratic infighting in illinois, weis speaker michael madigan and tells us the governor didn't have to make an announcement about layoffs and saying goodbye
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to legendary wgn producer al paull. >> all little bit of rain this week but a lot of chill.
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the democratic national committee was in town this morning for a strategy meeting michael madigan was among the attendees hand at the event he spoke with rich pierson. >> earlier this week governor pat quinn announced the closure of seven state facilities including a prison in centers for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled, lawmakers sent him an insufficient budget and said he
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was giving them a rendezvous with reality but in an inventor do with how the democrats said how prd talked-about talk to cohen about preventing closures and saved 1900 jobs, madigan comments raised questions about why quinn so harshly denounced lawmakers if a deal was in the works. >> i am not going to get into a difference of opinion i prefer to devote my time and resources to working with the budget. >> madigan spoke after addressing a meeting at the democratic national committee they stressed obama's promotion of his job creation plan. the importance of obama's jobs plan was underscored by madigan the state's democratic party chairman, he told members of the dmz that if the electors were held today democrats would be in serious trouble. >> a man who was attacked and
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robbed while on his way to work one week ago has now died of his injuries, a 61 year-old passed away asay francis hospital in evanston. police want to question these to male subjects captured by surveillance photos. he was walking near a gas station in evanston when he was attacked and anyone with information is asked call evanston police. a woman is wanted in the attack and attempted robbery of another woman outside the allman square mall a 57 year-old was shot near the j.c. penney said about 9:00 p.m. last night, the mall was shut down in search, no suspects have been found. the victim is expected to be ok. family friends and colleagues paid their last respects to the man who steered and guided the bozo show throughout the years. he passed away after battling lung cancer in 82, the show she
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produced from the early sixties until it went off the air 10 years ago. people waited up to 10 years to get tickets to see. >> during his 40 years a wgn he also produced other programs as well as many telethons and sporting events. we have a few nice days lined up in the immediate future but then it will cool down, the forecast coming up next.
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and now it has 40% fewer calories than most regular soda brands. sunnyd! ♪ make today a sunny day! ♪ collect sunny d labels to get free books for your kids' classroom. go to we are in good shape, we are pretty close to the seasonal norm today. we can close this 78 degrees but it was wackier around the country, as you look at a time lapse pictures on the coastal sections of washington and oregon there under he advisory and on the other coast of northern maine has a frost advisory in effect and we are fairly close to where we should have been today, a few clouds drifted across like michigan but
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very little in the way of rainfall across chicago. 66 degrees in chicago but check out the numbers all over the midwest. it is very pleasant around here. tempters beginning to drop in some of the western suburbs. tonight's temperatures and the like are going to drop into the 50s. look at the dew point temperatures and you can say they are a little higher along chicago's lakefront. we're expecting some fog to form and already we're seeing it visibility nibbled away in some parts of the chicago area. there is some ran out to our east moving through parts of western pennsylvania into ohio and even indiana, maybe a few sprinkles in parts of the chicago area but this isn't going to amount to it too much. this is what our
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computer is suggesting. nothing of any consequence. tomorrow will be a beautiful day sunshine. our computer models are not generating much more than an occasional shower for any place in chicago most of the area should be dry. com winds expected. here is our forecast now appeared for tonight we're looking at skies with a few clouds but nothing too impressive. tomorrow will be like we were today morning fog possible. tomorrow night mostly clear low temperature 55-63 and on monday morning sun, afternoon clouds and a slight chance of an evening shower. 79-84 degree highs. look what happens by
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tuesday, may be a shower that could come in the morning. there could be a clap of thunder with that but beyond that temperatures crash. maybe low 60s on thursday. that is a fairly impressive job of cold air that the canadians will send us. >> football weather. tonight's local lottery drawing coming up next in still to come highlights from a big day in college football ill. northwestern and i you michigan. rich king coming up with sports. [ male announcer ] it's a fact: your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet. three out of
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>> time now for a look passports. a great day for college football. >> all good news for the local teams. the wildcats win at boston college. northwestern took on east illinois this afternoon. the sunshine at ryan fields scored three touchdowns. knik beard, no sliding for him.
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cats when 42-21. >> he said something kinda funny to me on the boundary obviously i did listen very well to coach girard a. we want to be smarter. give him a call and tell him that he will be flying to chicago. he is playing beyond his years, a very talented young man. >> south dakota at memorial stadium, they scored early and often. 21-nothing. donovan only scored a pair of touchdowns from 41 yds away. 56-3 their biggest victory since world war two.
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dave dorr and the huskies of an iu facing kansas in the shootout. he will take it all the way from 26 yds away and the huskies won that game 42-38. like forest high school star 17-7 in the search. the white sox played cleveland today. the sox won chance after chance before they got the big clutch hits. bases loaded for *. 4 times. with the bases loaded again in the
9:28 pm
10th inning for the fifth time the grand slam how about that? the only thing we did good is wind. the cubs in new york again into they led 3-2 in the a's. jason big is it to run single in the mets' surge ahead. but new york's bullpen was no bargain either in this one. their last shot was a good one. cubs win 5- 4 in the series and one game
9:29 pm
apiece. the classic in the u.s. semis. a blistering 100 and a mile per hour serve. an amazing comeback. a coach in stable condition tonight after suffering a seizure. should be quite a moving day on the lakefront.
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tour of the 16 sacred acres. the giant original footprint where each world trade center tower once stood now the largest man-made waterfalls in the world around each wall are the names of 2982 victim's inscribed into bronze panels. victims' families the first to see that on september 11th. very fortunate to have survived september 11th i owe something back to the city and the site. reluctantly tells the story of his own close call only to honor the victims. >> i arrived at work just before the first plane hit on the 104 of the second tower when
9:33 pm
the first tower was hit. a few of us started to evacuate. ended up on the 78th floor when the building was hit. we saw the smoke and we started to watch the news. we saw the second plane hit. which was his tower. over 200 people on the 78th floor when the actually ended up in the same ambulance on the way to the hospital. >> continue to call the office
9:34 pm
land lines and even after the tower collapsed i still kept calling. >> cellular lines were just jammed or down from the impact and the ultimate collapse of the towers. >> it was terrifying terrifying. >> pretty bad lacerations' to my face back and legs i broke my leg but relative to other injuries and those who paid the ultimate price they do not compare. >> i spoke to him the night before but i can only imagine how many people feel this way i did not say that i loved him before i hung up the phone. >> amazing the people trying to get downtown taking care of me did not survive i owe them my life. >> part of who he is, he does not let it define himself. >> it is not about me. always thinking about the victims from
9:35 pm
september 11th and the families the more we can keep the day in the forefront of people's minds the better. >> fishing on the chicago river my dad's fishing pole. from chicago south side of bridgeport we run a bass fishing club bridgeport bass 8 million mi. away from stress. my buddy another million miles away from stress. jeff nolan a fisher fisherman musician and carpenter ground zero volunteer he knew when the second plane hit he needed to go to new york city calling his father in chicago firefighter to tell him. >> nothing i could do to stop you. he said pretty dangerous
9:36 pm
probably more attacks. maybe the last time i see you. >> new york needed guys like nolan skilled tradesmen who could build lamps and other things anything that needed to be done shocked by his salvation army assignment. they handed me i identification and it said medical officer. i said anything. i knew right away i would be dealing with these people. >> never seen a dead person or the walking dead. my first look at the guys that were leaving and we were going in give us an image of night of the living dead where they are walking away with a blank stare probably scared me more than anything. >> his first night was one of the hardest. >> we got a call right away telling us we were going here and you could see there had been a fire all of the fireman
9:37 pm
crowded all around. >> they would spot firefighters by the coats the reflective stripes and the fabric that did not burn each time thoughts turned to his old father and sister chicago fire fighters back home. >> working at the medical examiner's office and they brought in a firefighter. when you see a fireman, you do not forget that. >> journals from n.y. from world trade center >> i moved the barricade and stepped into a new york hell someone says you are a hero something i never wanted to be. >> nolan says at first very strict about cameras. >> have not seen this in nine years have not opened any of this stuff . >> as weeks dragged on started to shoot videos and photographs
9:38 pm
to show the world what they were seeing. >> what we had forged welder's carpenters fireman police never before more part of a team. without the common bond do not think anyone of us would be able to walk back ever again. >> they worked 12 hour shifts from 6:00 p.m. at night-6 in the morning sleeping in the pews at st. paul's church at the ymca. expected crowds on christmas day instead found himself alone with the grieving mother. >> i walked towards the gate and she had a chain with a picture. she says, did you find anyone today? and i said i am sorry and she grabbed the picture and said my daughter. and she was crying i did not know how to talk to her. i
9:39 pm
remember walking away overwhelmed and i will regret that as long as i live. we have all seen the worst of the worst and the best of the best. the hardest day i ever played in front of and the audience at ground zero after that would have been my father's wake. >> jeff nolan stayed three months >> if someone would have told us 10 years without an attack i would say very hard to believe if anything proud of the country no matter who is in charge. >> nobody remembers going back to chicago with flags on every block standing in front of his old home on bridgeport he sees none. that is your patriotism an old guy across the street check on them you can change
9:40 pm
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not a place that speaks of death and life . >> sunny hot sticky day on coney island people come for the beaches historic wooden rollercoaster and since 2001 the ballpark of the new york mets' minor league team the brooklyn cyclones. less well known is the memorial on the ball park west wall the brooklyn wall of remembrance. an idea born to businessmen on september 11 2001. >> 50 years of my life in brooklyn very curious to find out how many firefighters from brooklyn went over the bridge and never came home. chicago fireman came back and filled in those firehouses. >> a ballpark may seem like unlikely location for a tribute bearing the faces of all fallen
9:43 pm
first responders. firefighters and police officers and others in uniform who rushed to the rescue on september 11th. 417 total. >> inspires pride and love and respect for what the public servants do. calvin and anita patterson stumbled on the wall looking or something to remember by the park never got to forget that worked for the port authority his cousin died of a heart attack watching co-workers jump from burning towers. >> made me feel sad but also proud in terms of the people depicted here the service and dedication in their lives helped others to live. >> everybody together in their groups going into the building as a team and as a unit and they perished. >> took almost 14 months to
9:44 pm
dedicate the first wall and one year later a rededication to the remaining men and women who died. 122 out of 137 brooklyn firefighters were never found. >> where did they go? where is the closure? it is right here they can go to brooklyn and see their loved ones and gather together. >> the wall needs a lot to me because i did not have a cemetery. alice and eddy henry lost their 25 year old firefighter son joey on september 11th. when i first saw this my son was not on the wall and i asked we live 10 blocks from here joey was a great baseball player killed on 9/11 but he worked in manhattan. >> a lot of henry men are firefighters father nearly died himself now a lieutenant chief
9:45 pm
firefighter survive the collapse of not one but both towers. >> it was black on your face luckily after we looped around and found a way >> found fresh air but only briefly >> the noise was the north tower going down trapped again in total darkness and when we called out honestly believed we were in world war three. >> the worst news still to come brother fire captain himself delivered the news joey missing my boys went down each day one policeman and two firemen looking for joey but they never found him >> a lot of firefighters killed and we knew a lot of them and
9:46 pm
that is what gets to me. >> nobody ever forgets what happened on 9/11 >> wearing a locket and a cross that depicts the twin towns her 26 year old son james and joey henry good friends the mother's met at memorial services >> was going to get tickets to go to chicago on the september 11th chicago cubs-chicago white sox going with friends >> considers herself one of the lucky ones >> they found him march 17th st. patrick's day favorite holiday we found his body the first time and buried him >>probably nail polish remover >> stay connected over cleaning supplies >> we go with our step ladder and clean the walls and take care of our boys pictures and all of the other boys. >> the brooklyn wall of remembrance traditionally the scene of a candlelight ceremony each september 10th this year
9:47 pm
the families will decide for themselves how to honor the loved ones who died saving estimated 25,000 lives. >> we want to show the whole country individual people we can get things accomplished. come to brooklyn and see the memorial you will want to come back after you see it once it is a fun place coney island happy place where the families feel good about it. >> but the memories of all 470 on the wall and bless all working in the fire department and police departments and bring them safely home to their families tonight. as always we asked this of your loving children amen. here we are on the roof five stories up right across the street from the world trade center site they are rebuilding.
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filled up at 9 a m >> my television on you could see the hole in the tower people were not sure how big it was and then we got called the pentagon was hit and then the other tower hit the entire building shook you thought this building was going down. the picture was actually in the time life magazine the outside of the building. >> blocked every window a piece of the roof with sealed bags into the brick facade was crushed all captured in a scrapbook he keeps behind the bar. >> we were not sure if the building was going to be taken down with the amount of damage that happened. >> took six months to reopen o'hara >> the sixth anniversary the guys came and all police officers and military firemen putting up their patches right off of their shirts every year some of the same guys come back from all over >> imagines that will be back
9:51 pm
again this year. >> has been a long time but things have finally taken shape around here. >> former caterer from brooklyn takes us one block north of o'hara to fire station closest to ground zero. lost six men on 9/11 firefighters two lieutenants and a captain. >> like oharas, directly across the street from ground zero attracts large crowd even in the rain people coming to see the bronze tribute that stretches an entire city block few get to see inside. exception. earns special treatment after a friend asked him if he would see the firefighters on wednesday. >> it would be my pleasure coming to see the ladder company after 10 years working around
9:52 pm
the world trade center brings back memories of that day which were one that will stay with me the rest of my life. >> ladder 10 charred sign hangs on the wall replaced with a freshly painted one and a door ripped from the hinges and a memorial for the lost brothers. their names accompany latter 10 on every call. >> i think it is a true miracle with all of the destruction around you and the estimate of the greatest country bravest country. next to the 18th century st. episcopal church another miracle the chapel and grace don't survive the chaos of 9/11 and became the closest sanctuary for relief workers like ray. >> a picture during the months i did volunteer work at st. paul's.
9:53 pm
>> ray volunteered your november 2001-june 2, 2000 to the day the search and rescue mission ended at ground zero. >> the priest resting patches from all over the world he said something so profound that stayed with me. in the midst of the tragedy god created the great foundation. it gave us hope and that is all that we have, is hope.
9:54 pm
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♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant ♪ this is ground zero 10 years later. downtown a huge resurgence is going on and the focal point is the memorial. >> 34 year old the only chicagoan and survivor on the 9/11 memorial board >> one of the lucky ones people killed on the seventh floor one of 12 survivors >> to him getting the memorial right deeply personal. >> have done what i think i can to help make this project a reality for the 10th anniversary as i walked around you will see more. >> eager to show us the heart of the memorial twin towers replaced by twin gaping holes that once held the foundation of 110 story structures.
9:56 pm
>> this is actually the first time i have seen or heard the water on. you do not hear much until within a few yards and that you can see it is spectacular. >> bronze panels are around the pools holds the victims' names. great care has been taken to arrange the names not alphabetically but in groups where people died by flights by families. the 9/11 memorial officially opens family's only on september 11th, for many the first opportunity to stand in the space where their mother father sister and brother spouse or child took their final breath. indeed one tree on the site that is different the repair tree also known as the survivor
9:57 pm
tree the only sign of life here weeks after 9/11. >> it has taken 10 years and the reality once people see the finished product they are going to understand so many stakeholders downtown from the port authority to other building owners with the trains coming in shared infrastructure amazing this has only taken 10 years. >> $700 million project funded mostly by private donations. spent much of his time now working signs of support a program to fund the memorial now and forever. >> we have a number of businesses in chicago climbed on board. >> business owners like o'donnel >> people are happy to see that we support the memorial and that helps our business people like to see that we support this and want to support us >> to educate people.
9:58 pm
>> shows the resilience of the country what we stand for and what the memorial means >> so as we approach the 10th anniversary the 9/11 memorial is set to open. now married and the circle of life continues. >> having a baby decided going to have the baby in new york in order to be here to help honor the victims in all likelihood the baby will arrive in new york. >> now a few words about the best television station in the world. wgn hired me when i was just 26 years old i was so scared but the good people of channel 9 wrapped their arms around me and kindly taught me what i needed to know. as time passed wgn gave me a life i'd never imagined. growing up in
9:59 pm
detroit i had no idea life could be this good. some of my co-workers have been my family. i love that and i thank them and you our viewers you've got to be the best audience in the world. thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. i want you all to know i am ok and not leaving chicago so if you need my help with a community project or what ever just an e-mail away. i do not want to get emotional and i do not want to say goodbye, so i will sign off like i have for nearly 22 years. allison payne wgnnews. good night and god bless.


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